Spring Fire Department launches 2020 “Leadership Initiative”

“I am not here for me,
I am here for we,
And we are here for them.”
— Frank Viscuso “Step Up & Lead”

Along with the hiring of new training division captains, the Spring Fire Department Training Division continues to move forward and build our personnel to even higher levels.
“2020 is the year for our “Leadership Initiative” and we have kicked it off by having the first of many scheduled guest speakers talk to our team,” said Spring Fire Training Captain Greg Monroe.

(Pictured: Frank Viscuso teaching a training class in the Spring Fire Department Administration Offices.)

This week, Deputy Chief (retired) Frank Viscuso presented to the members on his experiences and values from his career in the fire service.

“Do the right thing for the right reasons in the right way” was the theme of Viscuso’s presentation. According to Viscuso, an employee’s attitude is a direct reflection on their leadership.

(Pictured: Spring Firefighters and Officers flanking Deputy Chief Joel Crenshaw and Frank Viscuso)

Viscuso, who served more than 26 years at the Kearny, New Jersey Fire Department, is a columnist for Fire Engineering and Fire Rescue magazines and the author of several books, including the best-sellers, Step Up and Lead, Step Up Your Teamwork and Common Valor.

(Pictured: Cover of Step Up and Lead by Frank Viscuso)

“Spring firefighters perform phenomenally, because training is an everyday commitment,” added Monroe. “Our training division is committed to providing our officers and firefighters with the best education, knowledge and training possible,” said Monroe. “Why? Because we can always strive to be even better.”