Pet Microchip Readers at all Spring Fire Stations

Under a partnership with the Harris County Pet Resource Center, all nine Spring Fire Stations are equipped with pet microchip readers. When people find a lost dog or cat, they can bring the pet to the station nearest them and our firefighters can check the animal for a microchip. If the microchip reader displays a number, the firefighters can check online microchip registration pages, such as AAHA’s, to see if someone has registered that 9, 10 or 15 character number. If a registration is found, they will provide that information to the Good Samaritan who brought the pet to the fire station.

If the pet was found within Spring Fire territory and the Good Samaritans — or a local rescue — is willing to hold the pet, the Spring Fire Department will use social media platforms to post photos of the animal in an attempt to find their family. The reunification is done by the Good Samaritans or the rescue when the owner is located and vetted by those taking care of the animal.

This program has helped reunite dozens of lost pets since it was initiated in 2019.

For their own safety, no pets are left in the custody of the Spring Fire Department.