Community News

Stay Cool During the Hot Summer

As the temperatures rise to the triple digits, the Spring Fire Department wants to share some tips to keep you and your family safe and cool this summer.

Happy Independence Day!

Your Spring firefighters are proud of their service to this community and proud of this nation. To show their American spirit, they are going back 243 years into the past to remind us what the founding fathers had to say in the Declaration of Independence.

Testing For a Chance To Be the Best

Spring Fire Department holds high standards for its recruits as the department continues to evolve. Candidates from across the state tested for full time Firefighter/EMT positions in Spring, however only a select few will withstand the rigorous and demanding requirements to serve this community.

Spring Fire Deploys Ballistics Gear

In order to protect firefighters responding to hostile situations, the Spring Fire Department is deploying ballistic vests and helmets on all fire apparatus.

Telephone Scam Targets Spring

It has come to my attention that an organization claiming affiliation with the Spring Fire Department is cold calling residents in our area seeking donations to purchase fire trucks and equipment. As the Fire Chief, I can assure you that the Spring Fire Department does not use a telemarketing service to seek donations over the phone. Please report any such calls to law enforcement.