A Multiple Fire Night in Spring

It was a very busy Sunday night into Monday morning for Spring Firefighters. B-shift tackled two fully involved garage fires: the first in Greengate Place and the second in Devonshire Woods.

(Pictures above: House Fire in Greengate Place. Photo by District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal)

One person suffered smoke inhalation in the first fire, which spread quickly into the attached house, as well as scorching the outside of a neighbor’s house and an SUV in the driveway.

(Pictures above: Scorched SUV in Greengate Place fire. Photo by District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal)

In the second fire, the homeowner heard something in their detached garage and went to check it out. “When they spotted flames through a window, they called 9-1-1,” said Spring Fire Department District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal. “Our crews were on scene within a couple of minutes and contained that fire to the garage by cutting the blaze off at the breezeway between the garage and house.“

Investigators from the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office say both fires were the result of overloaded electrical circuits.

(Pictures above: House Fire in Greengate Place. Photo by District Chief Chris vonWiesenthal)

“Please follow manufacturer’s instructions on charging tools, using power strips and with all holiday decorations,” Chief vonWiesenthal implores. “Overloaded circuits are just fires waiting to happen.”

This is the busy season for house fires, so prevention and knowing how to respond are very important. “Remember to know two ways out from any fire,” added vonWiesenthal. “Close every door you safely can on your way out or avoiding breaking windows can slow the spread of the fire by denying it easy access to fuel.”

if you have ANY questions about what to do, call our Fire Prevention and Outreach Department at 281-951-7065. Spring Fire Department also has free fire safety and first aid information available for pick-up at our administration office at 656 E. Louetta during business hours.