Community News

Real Heroes Proudly Wear Pink

You may have noticed something a bit different about your local firefighters this week. That is because for the month of October, the Spring Fire Department’s distinctive Blue, Gold and Red patches have turned pink.

Are You Ready for a Hurricane?

Are You Ready for a Hurricane? NOAA Photo: Trajectory of hurricanes over the past 150 years Learn more from NOAA: WHAT TO EXPECT THIS YEAR: PREDICTIONS FOR 2018 HURRICANE SEASON NOAA Photo: Map of hurricanes...

Spring Fire Presented with French Firefighting Gear

The Spring Fire Department now has set of French firefighting gear that is quite different from the bunker gear our firefighters use. The gear is a gift from the father of Spring firefighter Jeremie Bricout.

Spring Fire Featured at Fire Rescue International

Chosen to be one of seven departments featured from across the globe, a video highlighting the Spring Fire Department’s firefighter wellness programs is premiering at the 2018 Fire Rescue International (FRI) conference in Dallas.

Metis Tactical Starts Prehab at Spring Fire

At the beginning of August, Metis Tactical began assessing the physical fitness of all full-time Spring Fire Department firefighters using 3D modeling and core strength exercises.

Saving Money on Firetruck Repairs

The Spring Fire Department firetrucks are constantly running out to fires and rescues in the Texas heat, so it is no surprise that they can accumulate expensive repair needs. In an effort to save money while keeping the apparatus safe and well maintained, Spring Fire’s Emergency Vehicle Technician Red Haney does many in house repairs.